Why study with Us

Our passion for guiding people through their own journey of development means that we use tried and tested methods, established programmes of development, and proven systems of learning and growth that connect you to your true self and enable you to find the answers to the questions you have about your place in the world, and how to live with happiness, joy and creativity and avoid unnecessary worries.

Personal Development

Many of our students follow our teachings and join our programmes because they feel they have lost their way, and want to connect to their original nature and understand their place in the world, develop their spirituality, and find the happiness within. For many this is a personal journey, and one, which enriches not only their life but also the lives of everyone around them as they discover their inner power and self-worth.

Professional Practice

There are others who follow our teachings with the goal of enabling others to do the same on a larger scale, and who want to go on to teach the programmes; we offer training and support to enable this development professionally, applying the lessons learned to experiential teaching.

On-going Student Support

Whether our students feel drawn to Reiki for personal development or professional practice, on going support is an essential part of their spiritual practice.

Attending a Reiki course can be a very powerful and uplifting experience. However, the real experience comes from the on going personal daily practice of the tools and techniques that are taught during the course it self. There is so much depth to energy and so many layers to experience and learn from, but this can only be done with continued practice.

On going support / mentorship we believe is essential to the success of our students practice.  We don’t wave you good-bye at the end of the Reiki course thinking our job is done. We do just the opposite; we know that our role in our student’s development is just beginning.

Support is provided to you through our private online forum, email, phone call, Skype calls and also face to face.

Continued on going development can also be achieved by attending Reiki Shares, practice mornings, workshops and Reiki retreats, enabling you to deepen your practice.

We want you to know that our Teachers are on their own personal journeys and are continuing to grow everyday, they are not gurus or enlightened teachers but they do have an immense amount of experience.