Reiki flows like a river through and around you, enhancing your own life and the lives of those close to you. As with all rivers, it flows from a point of origin or source and within the Japanese System of Reiki that starting point is called Shoden, or ‘first teachings’ to give its Japanese interpretation.

Reiki is more than self-healing; it is a spiritual practice that beckons you on to a journey of self-discovery and connection. Through daily practice of energy meditations and self-healing you are led to the path of oneness with Reiki – becoming rather than simply channeling Reiki. Each step along this path draws you closer towards spiritual awakening, which is what Reiki was, and still is, all about.

Reiki allows you to fully experience Energy (Ki), the life force that flows within and about us. You will have the opportunity to really feel and work with this amazing energy, to truly know it rather than simply understand it. Shoden teachings allow you to work with this energy, experiencing healing through harmony and balance of heart and mind, as you begin to connect with your true self. These teachings will bring you a deep understanding of Reiki, whether you have experienced the Western Style of Reiki, or are drawn to the practice for the first time.

This course is suitable for everyone. During the course you will learn and experience the five main elements to Japanese Reiki:

1. Energy meditations focused towards strengthening and clearing your energy
2. Reiki precepts to deepen your spiritual connection
3. A better understanding of both internal and external energy
4. Techniques allowing you to use Reiki on yourself and others
5. Receive 4 Reiju (attunements)

The Reiki precepts are a set of instructions or guide, a signpost to self-conduct within this spiritual practice and believed to have been taught by Usui Mikao as early as 1915. These precepts are a student’s first spiritual teachings and become the foundation woven throughout the other four; they are compatible with and indeed supportive of any religious belief. Reiki is not a religion but a spiritual practice.

Our course will help you learn through your own experiences. Within the two days you will learn to work with and fully understand the energy, through meditations and practical exercises. Full hands on treatments for yourself and others will be given and received and a daily practice established.

You will receive four Reiju (spiritual blessings) over the two days, each powerfully clearing your energy channels and awakening your mind, heart and body allowing you to become a clear and pure channel of Reiki energy. Through these teachings and daily practices you will learn to relax and begin the journey towards inner peace, feeling greater compassion for yourself and others and an increased sense of self worth. Your knowledge of energy, how it releases – both physically and emotionally will grow, as will your understanding of the system of Reiki.

You will join a Reiki community supportive of your individual personal growth and spiritual path. You will learn the history of Reiki, what it is, how it works and the benefits of sharing treatments with your friends and family or of self–treatment. 

Course Content:

  • Your Reiki Lineage
  • The history of the system of Reiki and the life of Usui Mikao its founder.
  • The meaning of Reiki and how it works
  • The system of Reiki and five elements that make up that system:
  • Precepts for developing spiritual and mental focus
  • Techniques and meditations
    • Kenyoku Ho (Dry bathing technique)
    • Joshin Kokyo Ho (Focused breath)
    • Seishin Toitsu (Unifying the mind meditation)
  • Hands-on healing of self and friends/family
    • Learn to give and receive Reiki treatments with opportunity to practice
  • Four mantras (Jumon) and symbols (Shirushi), three taught during Okuden (Level II) and one further at Shinpiden (Level III)
  • Reiju/attunements
    • Receive four Reiju/attunements
  • The three energetic centres (Three Diamonds)
    • Earth Ki
    • Heart Ki
    • Heaven Ki

Certification: Each student upon completion of the course will receive a certificate and detailed Shoden Level I Practitioner instruction manual. Duration: Minimum length of course: 2 days 

Course times: Day 1 – 9.00am till 5.00pm. Day 2 – 9.00am till 5.00pm. 

Your teacher/facilitator: Simon Bailey