At Enso Academy, Shinpiden Level III is taught as an on-going apprenticeship, where the teacher-student relationship takes on a deeper understanding. We will be here to teach, guide and support you every step of your journey

You have travelled a road many do not discover, a road that has beckoned you onwards towards your own individual spiritual path. Leading you finally to the teachings found within Shinpiden. To have arrived here you have worked with the teachings and practices of both Shoden and Okuden and are already becoming and living Reiki. Shipinden in fact is just the beginning of your life-long study.

The Japanese word Shinpiden translates to “mystery teachings”, and at this level many greater mysteries are revealed; this is where personal development becomes self-realisation. People who reach this stage have truly embedded a daily spiritual practice into their lives, and have energetically experienced Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and Heart Ki.

This level travels deeper into the self, enabling you to feel and experience the oneness state of being, which is also referred to as the Great Bright Light of True Self, an awakening of your true nature. During this level you will learn how to teach and inspire others who wish to embark on the path of self-discovery. There is a focus on personal development and self-empowerment through a strong energetic connection with the Source of Reiki.

As you continue your own spiritual journey through Shinpiden you will find your true path becoming clearer. Compassion towards yourself and others and the integrity of being true to your own way become easier, slowly embedded within your daily life without thought. Your experience of hands on healing takes on a new quality where you no longer do Reiki but become Reiki.

The course will encompass meditation upon the precepts and an understanding of the interrelationship between these precepts and the symbols (Shirushi) and mantras (Jumon). You will receive the traditional Shinpiden Reiju (attunements) and will be instructed upon the meaning, history, spiritual description and usage of the forth Shirushi (symbol) and Jumon (mantra).

Reiju or spiritual blessing as it translates, is the method in which the teacher communicates and becomes one with a student on an energetic level. We will devote time to practice and perform attunments and Reiju, to learn the purpose and origins of the ritual of Reiju – the original ritual from which all attunments arose.

Within the course we will explore the forth symbol and mantra within your healing experience with instruction and guidance from your teacher as you practice self-healing and healing upon another. Additional meditations and techniques will be shared enhancing and deepening your current practice.

You will learn what and how to teach at each level of Reiki, what it means to be a Reiki teacher and the responsibilities and requirements that come with this blessing. You will be provided with accompanying teaching manuals that will be discussed in detail, together with course documentation enabling you to teach your own students.

Course Content:

  • Your Reiki lineage
  • A brief overview of the system of Reiki: Shoden Level I, Okuden Level II, Shinpiden Level III.
  • The five major elements of Reiki relative to Shinpiden:
  • Developing spiritual and mental focus with the Precepts
  • Meditation techniques
    • Ku (a method which helps you move into the void)
    • Becoming Dai (experiencing a deeper energetic connection to the Great Bright Light)
  • Hand-on healing
  • Fourth symbol (Shirushi) and mantra (Jumon)
    • Learn symbol and mantra four, the energy involved, their origin and their use.
    • Use of the mantra alone.
    • Translation of the Jumon, its Deity connection and purpose.
  • Reiju/attunements – receive one and learn how to perform Reiju/attunements for Levels I & II
    • Learn about the Reiju and attunements
    • The purpose and origins or the Reiju
    • Types or Reiju
    • Suzuki San, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, Hayashi Chujiro
    • Preparing and performing the Reiju or attunement
    • Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden attunement
  • The responsibilities of becoming a Reiki teacher
    • What it means to be a Reiki teacher
    • The responsibilities
    • Where and how to practice
  • Course outlines for Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden
  • Practice groups and Reiki shares
  • Certificate upon completion of the course