Reiki Training Centre

Here at Enso Reiki Academy we are passionate about teaching the system of Reiki. It is this passion that very often gets in the way of explaining to people what Reiki is. In fact you will find this with anyone who has learned Reiki. This passion is generally born out of life changing experiences that each individual person who has learned Reiki may experience.

Our ‘what is Reiki’ page explains the basic understanding of how Reiki works, the different levels of Reiki training within the system of Reiki. Different lineages / styles of Reiki, what you can expect during a Reiki treatment and finally the benefits of Reiki.

The ‘system of Reiki’ page will walk you through the five basic elements of the system of Reiki. It will inform you about the Japanese energy system and what you will learn when studying Reiki with Enso Academy.

The system of Reiki would not have been possible if it was not for its founder Usui Sensei, our ‘Reiki History’ page will guide you through the history of Reiki, its founder and his many students. All history has been supplied by Frans and Bronwen Stiene who have researched and verified the history of Reiki.

Reiki has certainly evolved since it was founded, so our ‘Modern Reiki’ page will take you through where Reiki is today in the modern world. Professional practice, Reiki Associations and Regulatory bodies are also covered within this section of our website.

It is our hope that you find all that you need to learn about Reiki within these pages. Should this not be the case, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.