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Our passion at Enso Academy is to empower you to find and connect with your own inner truth, through teaching transformational systems such as the Japanese System of Reiki. Our Japanese Reiki courses are suitable for those who are completely new to Reiki and to those who are experienced in Reiki from a Western perspective.

The philosophy and teachings on our courses are based on the complete system that was taught originally in Japan by Usui Mikao the founder of the system. Within the system of Reiki there many elements such as energy meditations to cultivate internal energy, contemplative and self inquiry practices to develop spiritual and mental focus, Symbols and mantras for deepening the experience of earth energy, heavenly energy and heart energy, and of course hands on healing.

The system in itself is a complete personal and spiritual methodology, developed originally to help people have the direct experience of their own inner truth, their inner light or as most often referred to their original or true nature.

Our Reiki Courses


Reiki Level One


The Japanese meaning for Shoden is beginner or first teachings. This is the first stages of building a Reiki practice into your life and starting on that path of self-discovery.
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Reiki Level Two


The Japanese meaning for Okuden is hidden or inner teachings. It is at this level that you really begin to delve deeper into the teachings of the energetic practice of Reiki.
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Reiki Level Three


Shinpiden is Japanese word, translated to mean mystery teachings. Shinpiden is about raising ones consciousness and advancing towards self realisation.
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the system of reiki


One of the many benefits of the system of reiki is wellbeing, engaging in a daily practice of meditation, contemplation and self healing through hands on healing brings the physical body into a deep state of relaxation, helping the primordial aspect of the ego to feel safe. This is the foundational teachings of system of Reiki and starts with Shoden.


As we continue and delve deeper into the system of Reiki we begin to reveal the hidden teachings of Okuden. You begin the process of awakening the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The process of undoing all that you have come to know of yourself, so you can discover your original nature and live as the being of infinite potential.


As you awaken to your truth you step into the mystery teachings of Shinpiden. Once truly awakened into the unkown, you begin the process of learning to shine your light onto the world, totally comfortable being you. While doing so, you can support and guide others to the same truth by learning to support others through the teachings of Shinpiden.

Ongoing Development

Take a big step into cultivating a life filled with more peace, joy and happiness. Begin to feel self love and love for others. Our courses and workshops are suitable for anyone, from beginner to experienced.

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