What is Reiki Energy


The word Reiki has, in very simplistic terms, three meanings; it is a word, an energy, and a system of holistic healing.

Here we will explore in more depth what Reiki Energy is, and how we use it for treating people.

Because Japanese is a very rich and complex language the translations of Japanese words can be very deep, and one symbol can have many meanings – making a direct translation more complicated than one might expect.

Reiki is made up of two symbols – Rei and Ki.

Rei translates as soul, as spirit and spiritual wisdom, as a divine essence, as the sacred and mysterious power which created and evolves all life. It is the higher intelligence which guides us, helps us in times of need. It is infinite, omnipresent and all knowing, outside of our conscious understanding. It maintains our spiritual wellbeing.

The Rei cannot be guided by the mind, it flows with a knowledge and understanding of its own; it has no limitations and cannot be misused. It exists in all things and has a healing effect, no matter how experienced or inexperienced the practitioner.

Ki translates to cosmic energy, a non-physical life-force energy which animates all living things. It maintains our physical wellbeing; when your Ki is high you are well, confident and strong. You’re your Ki is low you are weak, prone to sickness. Ki can be increased for holistic health improvements through exercise, food, sleep, breathing exercises, meditation, and an awareness and care for our own body. Ki is the energy force which leaves the physical body when we die.

You can see already that these two syllables carry much meaning and weight, covering a complexity of interpretations.

In the most simplistic of terms, Reiki means energy – a vital, life creating and sustaining energy, which all living things carry within, and as an aura, or energy field, surrounding the physical form.

Though most of us can’t see this aura – or Ki – with the naked eye there is a range of electro-magnetic equipment which can show it, and prove its existence.

There are three ‘levels’ of energy in the human body; the physical body, which can be seen and touched by everyone, as the energy vibrates at a low frequency. This is where we have the Ki.

The Ki is also the aura that surrounds us, which vibrates at a higher level, so can usually only be seen with the relevant equipment – though there are some who see aura as a colourful shape around the body, or are attuned to sense the aura.

Above and beyond these, we find Rei – the spiritual energy. Vibrating faster still, this energy can move through the physical body and aura, and when used for healing, this energy breaks down blockages in the natural flow of your own energy, and enhances healing, moving the energy the body naturally has, as well as creating energy of its own to enable holistic health improvement.

Because Reiki is guided by the Higher Intelligence, the universe itself, the life force which created all things, it doesn’t have the same restrictions that the Ki alone has; where the Ki can become blocked, causing ill health, effecting our physical wellbeing as well as our mental – for the two are intrinsically linked – Reiki energy can work directly with our unconscious mind, flowing to any areas which need healing, whether we know it with our conscious mind or not.

The Reiki Energy flows to areas with blockages or where we are suffering with ill health, and breaks up those blockages. Any negative thoughts or feelings which may even unconsciously be impacting our wellbeing are washed away, allowing the Ki to flow freely.

Reiki treatments are non-invasive, and improve our health not just in a physical sense, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This holistic treatment combines the energies of Rei and Ki, connecting our physical energy with that of the universe.

Further reading;

The Ki is generally thought to have three energy centres;

  • Earth Energy
  • Heavenly Energy
  • Heart Energy

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