System of Reiki

Reiki in most commonly known as a holistic hands on healing practice. Hands on healing is amazing and has many physical, mental and emotional benefits, but it is the basic step of Reiki, it enables the feeling of love and compassion for ourselves, by making contact with the body and energy using the hands.

The system of Reiki goes much deeper than this, its a way of living life. Its a way of practicing to worry less and to be free of anger, learning to be grateful for all things, no matter what comes into our lives.

When practicing the system of Reiki we learn to become truly compassionate with ourselves, giving us the true understanding of how to be compassionate to others.

Its a practice that makes us go deeper within the self, peeling back layers of conditioning and programming. As we do this, we find and touch on something truly amazing, something that already exists within us, our true self. When we have the self realisation, we can begin to live life as we wish to and not as others believe we should.

The system of Reiki as is split into 5 Elements. Please see our Five Elements of Reiki page for a deeper understanding of each of these elements.

  • Reiki Precepts
  • Reiki Meditations and Techniques
  • Reiki symbols and mantras
  • Hands-on healing
  • Reiju

There are three levels within the system of Reiki.

Shoden – meaning beginner teachings. Traditionally students would stay at this level anything between 6 to 12 months.

Okuden – meaning hidden teachings. Originally Okuden was split into 2 levels, Zenki and Koki. We teach Zenki on day one of Okuden and Koki on day two. Students traditionally would be at this level for many years, in fact Hiroshi Doi sensei spent over 10 years at this level until it was mastered.

Shinpiden – meaning mystery teachings. Traditionally when the Teacher deemed the student ready they would be asked to continue their practice and begin to learn how to teach others.

The levels are meant to help and aid the energetic progression of the student. This has somewhat been lost, many who learn Reiki simply want to work their way through the levels as quick as possible. This of course is human nature and how we have been conditioned by schooling and so on. Moving through levels in this manner means there is no direct experience of the teachings, it simply allows you to have a intellectual understanding. Our aim is to guide and support you through this life long practice, so you can simply come to your own self realisation.