Reiki Levels

The Japanese System of Reiki is systematic in its approach, and consists of five main elements and three levels.

The primary focus of the Japanese system of Reiki is on personal development and spirituality. With this in mind, the understanding of each of the five elements is built upon at each level, enabling the student to go deeper and deeper within the self, enabling them to build a daily practice into everyday life.

This means that our students are essentially becoming Reiki, as opposed to practicing Reiki.

You will find as you do your own research into Reiki that there are many different styles of Reiki – and also many different levels.

This means that each course lends itself to the teachers’ own understanding and experience.

We have kept to the original Japanese system as much as possible; of course we can’t be 100% sure that we know all that Usui Sensei taught, but what we do teach has been heavily researched and verified by many great Reiki Teachers.

The five elements of Reiki are;

  • Developing spiritual and mental focus
  • Techniques and meditations
  • Hands on healing
  • Symbols and mantras
  • Reju / attunements

Each of the five elements are built upon at each level, and the personal experience of each student.

Reiki Level 1

Known as Shoden in Japanese, which translates to either beginner teachings or first teachings. The aim of Reiki level one is to enable you to build a solid foundation by cultivating your internal energy. It teaches you mindfulness techniques, energy meditations and hands on healing for yourself and others.

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Reiki Level 2

This is named Okuden in Japanese, which translates to Hidden or Inner Teachings. Once the teachings from Shoden have been embedded and a solid foundation has been cultivated, the inner teachings of Okuden enable you to delve deeper into the self, using symbols and vibrational sound (chanting).

Each symbol and sound enables you to experience the Japanese energetic system of Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and Heart Ki.

After obtaining this level, with continued practice, you begin to learn and experience the 3 bodies, Physical body, Mind body and Soul body.

This is represented by the Japanese energetic system. At this stage you also begin to learn and experience interconnectedness, enabling you to carry out distant healing treatments.

This level is also often referred to as the Reiki Practitioner level. It is the level that all Reiki Associations and Regulatory bodies recognise as Professional Practitioner level, and is the level you must obtain in order to practice professionally in the UK.

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Reiki Level 3

Known as Shinpiden in Japanese, which translates to mystery teachings. This is where personal development becomes self-realisation.

People who reach this stage have truly embedded a daily spiritual practice into their lives, and have energetically experienced Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and Heart Ki.

This levels goes deeper into the self, enabling the student to feel and experience the oneness state of being. It is also referred to as the Great Bright Light.

During this level the student also learns how to teach others who wish to embark on the path of self-discovery.

Here at the Enso Academy, Level 3 is taught as an ongoing apprenticeship, where the teacher-student relationship takes on a deeper understanding.

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