Reiki Energetic System

We discussed what Reiki Energy is on our What is Reiki Energy page in brief; here we will go into more detail on the different forms the energy takes when we train in the art of Reiki;

these are;

  • Earth Energy
  • Heavenly Energy
  • Heart Energy

Earth Ki

The Earth Ki is represented in Japanese traditions by the Hara (Hara is the Japanese word for belly). The symbolic energetic centre for Hara is below the navel, this centre is also known as Dantien or Tanden in some traditions.

If you imagine that the human body is an energetic triangle, the Hara is the supportive base.

The Hara is where the original energy which we are all born with is contained; this Ki can be built upon, and is the foundation of developing our Reiki energy, and as a grounding force from which we build physical and mental strength.

The Hara, or Earth energy, grounds us; someone who is grounded is practical, strong, secure and safe, physically connected to their environment.

You may have heard the term ‘Earthy’ in the past to describe someone – these people are uncomplicated, connected to their environment, and honest and straightforward; this is an embodiment of this Hara. It is a practical energy, and developing a connection with the Hara enables us to deal with fear, anxiety, low self-esteem and uncertainty.

Heavenly Ki

Heavenly Ki has a less physical quality than the Earth Ki; it emanates from the Heavens, and is a light, intuitive energy.

Associated with the head, Heavenly Ki is linked to the development of intuition and mental acuity. It is a spiritual energy, linking us to the Rei, or universal energy outside of our physical being. During treatments you may experience visions, or see colours, when the Heavenly Ki is treated.

Once you have connected with and understand the Earth Energy, an understanding of this Heavenly Energy – the polar opposite – enables practitioners to maintain balance. A practitioner needs to be grounded before connecting with this Heavenly Energy or, while they may have great abilities in treating others, they cannot solve their own issues.

Those who move straight to Heavenly Energy, without first focussing on the Hara, may get carried away or disconnected from their physical needs.

Heart Ki

In our ‘Energy Triangle’ the third focus point is the Heart Ki. Earth Ki grounds us, connecting us to the physical world. Heavenly Ki connects us to the great universal energy. To achieve a perfect balance, this third point – located in the centre of our chest – allows us to radiate energy.

Once balance between Earth and Heaven, body and mind, is achieved, we can connect to the Heart Energy – and from here we can resolve fear, hurt, pain, anger, mental traumas and stress. We can invite more love, forgiveness, peace and compassion into our lives.

Once you have achieved this balance, you are able to move from a focus on specific, immediate issues, and instead achieve balance in accordance with the bigger picture, holistically, without wasting energy.

It is only through an understanding and connection with all three energies, remembering that vital triangle of energy, that we can achieve balance and connection with our true self.

First, Earth; physical balance. Next, Heaven; spiritual balance. Finally, Heart; true and deep connection with oneself.

Our goal at Enso Academy is to enable people to connect to their true self, achieving spiritual and emotional wellbeing, holistically.