How Reiki Works

We have covered What Reiki is and What Reiki Energy is on other pages in more detail, but you may still be wondering how Reiki works.

When you are looking at Reiki healing, there are three areas we work to help people. These are:

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual healing

Physical healing;

When we speak of physical healing we want to emphasise that we cannot and do not promise that Reiki can heal all your ailments; Reiki is recognised as an alternative therapy, and should not replace treatment offered by your doctors – but can be used alongside medications or surgeries to enable your journey to recovery.

Reiki treatment manifests differently for everyone, so we also can’t tell you exactly what physical benefits you may experience – it depends on too many factors, and we do not guide the Reiki energy – instead, we enable the energy to flow to the places it’s needed – which might not actually be the area you thought you needed treatment at all!

Reiki energy, in treatment for physical ailments, focusses on the blockages in the Ki which are manifesting in pain or illness in your body, and breaks those blockages down. You may feel warmth or tingling in the area as this happens, and a flow of energy, calm or emotion during the process – all of which is normal.

For minor ailments, like headaches or muscle aches, the effects of Reiki treatment are usually very quickly felt, and a longer term treatment plan may be required to enable recovery from more serious conditions.

Emotional healing;

Often without even knowing why, we will suffer from emotional blockages, from haltings in the energy flow of our emotional health. This manifests as anxiety, stress, fear, low self-esteem and negativity in our undertakings.

Reiki treatments help to break down these blockages, and enable the energy to flow more freely, which connects us more deeply to our emotional health and place of contentment, to an inner wellbeing and well of happiness and security.

When the Reiki energy is focussed on your emotional healing you may feel a flood of emotions, you may giggle, you may cry, you may swing from one to the other, without even knowing what it is you’re feeling. This is normal, and is simply the breaking down of those barriers and blockages, and the natural flow of your emotional wellbeing recovering. Don’t fight these flowing emotions, simply relax and let them come and go, and by the end of your treatment you will feel more balanced, attaining an emotional equilibrium.

Spiritual healing;

In the modern world it is often difficult for us to find time for our spiritual wellbeing. This means that often we feel disconnected from our true self, from the world around us, and from the great energy of the universe.

Reiki healing can enable you to break down the barriers that disconnect you from your spiritual self, and can open you up to the heavenly energy, and can release tension and fear, allowing you to access your inner peace in connection to the greater power that surrounds all living things.

Holistic healing

When we speak of Reiki treatments as holistic healing it can be easy to forget what that word means – but holistic isn’t just another word for ‘alternative’, as it is sometimes thought. Holistic means that it is treatment and care of the whole self – of all of the elements that make you who you are. Your physical self, your emotional self and your spiritual self. All of these have their own energy, and their own needs. Reiki treatment benefits the whole, connecting all of your energies, to create a healthier, happier, more centred you.