As you delve deeper into the teachings of Okuden, you will begin to feel greater compassion for yourself and others and an increased sense of self worth. Your knowledge of energy, how it releases – both physically and emotionally will grow as you continue along the path of spiritual awakening.

The first steps towards spiritual growth and healing start within Shoden Level I Reiki, after spending some time working with daily practice, self-healing and healing of others, you are ready to continue your journey with Okuden Level II Reiki. Learning with Enso will instill in you the elements of Knowing and Being Reiki rather than simply understanding the process. We are committed to sharing this knowing, awakening an inner confidence within you as you continue to expand your practice of Reiki, including the right intent and energy required – right action, right mind.

The Japanese word Okuden holds the meaning ‘Hidden’ or ‘Inner teachings’ and within this level of Reiki we build upon the foundational teachings and practices revealed within Shoden, enhancing your understanding of the energy of Reiki. Energy is fluid; it not only surrounds us but flows through us, even when we are unaware. At this level we understand that Reiki is an energetic practice; it can only be experienced energetically. This hidden energy is revealed within Okuden Reiki, where we fully discover our inner energies, those of Earth Ki, Heart Ki and Heaven Ki.

During this course we continue to develop spiritual and mental connection using the five precepts. These are accompanied by traditional breathing techniques and meditations and the expansion of hands-on healing of self, to that of others, providing an opportunity to develop a professional treatment practice. We build upon the practices taught within Shoden, bringing increased spiritual and mental focus. You will be introduced to a further element of Reiki – three of the four Jumon (mantras) and Shirushi (symbols). These symbols and mantras are used within treatments, meditations or chanting, focusing and deepening the energy.

So much more than self-healing, our spiritual practice deepens within the experience of Okuden level, taking us further towards self-discovery and the experience of interconnectedness. Through continued daily practice of energy meditations and self-healing we truly become one with Reiki, learning and experiencing the 3 bodies, Physical body, Mind body and Soul body. As you learn and experience the truth of interconnectedness, you are enabled to carry out distant healing treatments.

This level is also often referred to as the Reiki Practitioner level. It is this level that all Reiki Associations and Regulatory bodies recognise as Professional Practitioner level, and is the level you must obtain in order to practice professionally in the UK.

Our course will help you learn through your own experiences. Within the two days you will learn to work with and fully understand the energy, through meditations and practical exercises. Full hands on treatments for yourself and others will be given and received and a daily practice established.

Course Content:

  • Your Reiki lineage
  • The system of Reiki: Shoden Level 1, Okuden Level II and Shinpiden Level III.
  • The five major elements of Reiki relative to Okuden.
  1. Developing spiritual and mental focus with the Precepts
    • Enhance and further develop your personal and future professional practice.
  2. Meditation and techniques
    • Hatsurei Ho (Generation of spiritual energy)
    • Enkaku Chiryo Ho (Distant Reiki healing)
    • Byosen Reikan Ho (sensing imbalances)
    • Reiju Ho (spiritual healing guidance)
  3. Hand-on healing
    • Guidelines for developing a professional treatment of others, pre, post and during treatment considerations
    • Consent forms and confidentiality
  4. Three of the four symbol (Shirushi) and mantra (Jumon)
    • Learn three symbol and mantra, the energy involved, their origin and their use.
    • Use of the mantra alone.
    • Translation of the Jumon, its Deity connection and purpose.
  5. Reiju/attunements – receive three Reiju / attunements

Certification: Each student on completion of the course will receive a certificate and detailed Okuden Level II Practitioner instruction manual.
Duration: Minimum length of course: 2 days
Course times: Day 1 – 9.00am till 5.00pm. Day 2 – 9.00am till 5.00pm.
Your teacher/facilitator: Simon Bailey