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The Three Diamonds

One of the Japanese Ki meditation practices focuses upon the three diamonds. Within Japanese cultures, religions and traditions there focus is upon the qualities of a diamond. In Japanese Zen Buddhism,the diamond is seen as an analogy of the Self, you can perceive the Self’s many facets just as a diamond possesses many, revealing all qualities and inequalities. Through the practices and techniques within the system of Reiki, we can polish our diamonds, removing dirt or tarnish that we may have accumulated and cut through the distracting thoughts that draw us away from our true Self.

The practice begins with the focus at the Hara, and the energetic root within the Hara known as the Tanden. This area is also known as Earth Ki, the centre where our own original energy is stored. Moving upwards to the centre of the chest between the nipples rests middle Tanden or Heart Ki, connected to emotions and where we learn life’s processes through experiences. The third is at the forehead, Upper Tanden, where we connect to ourselves spiritually, also known as Heaven Ki.

In the system of Reiki we practice a method to connect the Three Diamonds, many spiritual practices focus on one of these three energetic centres and this can lead to imbalance. To practice effectively with equanimity we require a strong foundation rooted into the earth, with the flexibility to move with and not against the eight worldly winds that may try to blow us off course, to grow and flourish with an open heart as we connect to our highest spirit and its unique abilities.

If too much emphasis is place on just one area then we can become uprooted, we must ensure that we work with all three diamonds without discrimination, we can be tempted to work solely with the upper Tanden/Heaven Ki if we see a lot of colours or develop psychic abilities. We must ensure stability at the lower Tanden/Earth Ki first to be grounded in our abilities and remain centred and balanced. We then have the opportunity to serve others, assisting them to heal and grow.

The Three Diamonds Meditation is practiced by connecting to the three Tandens respectively, with the lower Tanden first, then through slow movements to stimulate the flow of energy we move the hands up the midline of the body to the middle Tanden and then to the upper Tanden. These movements are repeated throughout the practice. This is traditionally a Qi Gong technique, here our intent is to connect and balance the energy and strengthen our connection to the three energetic centres.


Group meditations create a unified space of energy and the energy increases far beyond the sum of the individual!

In loving service to all


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Oct 04 2023


7:00 pm - 7:40 pm






Heidi Lawton

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