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Hatsurei Ho

There are a number of techniques and meditations within the system of Reiki. Hatsurei Ho is one of many. Hatsu meaning ‘To generate’ Rei meaning ‘Spirit’ and Ho meaning ‘Method’. The technique is worked with and practiced each day to generate greater amounts of ‘Spiritual Energy’ and gives the practitioner a deeper and more profound experience of sensing the energy within one’s Self.

Within the Japanese system of Reiki we find varying teachings of Hatsurei Ho, this online method is offered through the practice of Kenyoku Ho (dry bathing), Joshin Kokyu Ho (to focus the mind using the breath), Seishin Toitsu (to create a unified mind) and contemplating a piece of Waka poetry. Chanting the Goki (Reiki precepts) at the beginning and end of the practice.

Working with the meditative techniques of Hatsurei Ho, the practices also assists us, in feeling into the Hara (below the naval in the lower belly) the energetic connection between the practitioner and the Universal life force. Sensing into one’s Hara can be elusive at first, and its positioning within our being is unique to us. The more we feel into this area, the more grounded we become and the more we are supported in our life’s purpose.

The meditative qualities of bringing the hands together in Seishin Toitsu and finding the energetic space to contemplate waka poetry, gives us a direct experience and connection to the unified field of Oneness,  where the blending of opposing forces, thoughts and elements are no longer separate but One. Sensing into the expansive and boundless qualities of the Micro and Macrocosm. the Universal spirit dwells in me and I dwell within the Universal spirit.


Group meditations create a unified space of energy and the energy increases far beyond the sum of the individual!

In loving service to all


This online event is taught online via Zoom. Once you have booked on using the ‘Register’ tab and added your email a zoom link will be forwarded to your inbox.


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Oct 03 2023


7:00 pm - 7:40 pm






Heidi Lawton

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