Enso Symbol

Enso Academy SymbolThe Ensō symbol is a sacred Zen Buddhist symbol, representing enlightenment, strength, elegance, universe, or cycle of life.

The symbol also symbolises a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body and spirit to create, enabling you to tap into your inner wisdom and strength.

It can also represent the void often called mu, the space between past and present, often referred to the now.

The two Kanji (円相) that make up the word Ensō translate as circle of togetherness. It is for these reasons we chose Ensō as our symbol and name; our aim is to create a spiritual community, supportive and connected.

The Symbol within our Ensō

Our logo shows the Kanji within a circle; circles represent peace and harmony and togetherness.

We incorporated this into our logo because, within the circle of togetherness, we wanted our academy to represent peace and harmony.

We know from our own experience that when you are developing a spiritual practice it can be somewhat turbulent, with many different emotions coming to the surface.

Altogether, our logo and the Kanij show that the teachings we practice can, and do, result in a life of harmony.