Why have a daily Reiki practice?

If you are new to Reiki or perhaps you have been practicing for some years, the importance of establishing a daily Reiki practice should be top priority to improve mind, body and spirit.

Usui Mikao’s methods to impart the teachings of the Japanese Spiritual system of Reiki, were for self-healing, healings of others and spiritual development. If we are to make any progression, we must first look to the self or ‘Omoiyari’ which is known as a  form of selfless compassion in Japanese culture. To care and heal others we must first take care and heal ourselves, we cannot pour from an empty cup.

When we incorporate the Reiki methods taught to us, into a daily practice, we are gifted the tools and methods to access, cultivate and utilise the Spiritual energy that is inherent in all things. We bring happiness, peace and self-realisation into our daily lives through our thoughts, actions and choices that we make, how we communicate with ourselves and others.

Reiki may begin as a mechanical process, where we go through the motions, read our manuals and follow the instructions, yet if we are open and honest in our approach without setting goals or prefixed outcomes, if we sit with the teachings in a consistent, open hearted and compassionate way, Reiki becomes a way of life, we become Reiki itself.  The wisdom of Reiki sits within and nourishes every cell within our being. We are transformed as the light reflected through our own heart transcends out into the world. It is at this point that you can truly heal others.

The Gokai (Reiki Precepts) themselves are the first stepping stone to the path of self-healing ‘The secret method for inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for many illnesses’ Usui Ryoho improve your mind and body.

What would a daily Reiki practice look like?

Try to be disciplined and make a contract with yourself to practice each day, perhaps give yourself  21 days to commit to as a starting point. If you feel drawn to making real progress in your Spiritual development then make sure you give yourself a fighting chance to stay with the practice. Look at your diary for the next 21 days and see if you can establish a set time for your practice each day that you can commit to. It will eventually become almost ingrained in your daily routine like brushing your teeth, that being said the practice should always remain a time and space for you to connect with compassion, self-love and healing.

Create a meditation space that is quiet and away from distractions, this could be a place just for you in your home if you have the room or create an altar in another corner of the house where you can sit each day away from others. It might be as simple as lighting a candle or you can place photos or ornaments that are meaningful to you. Look to wear the same clothes and sit in the same chair or cushion in the same space and at the same time each day, This sends messages to the mind, body and spirit and gives our being a sense of knowing and readiness to sit in the space with ease, at the same time the environment will take on the Spiritual energy of Reiki. If you have a houseplant that you can place in your meditation space, you may notice that it will thrive  being exposed to the healing energy that you are creating on a daily basis.

My Daily practice looks like this:

. I always bring the hands into Gassho and set my intention.

. Kenyoku Ho- Dry bathing to purify the body, heart and spirit.

. Mantra/Jumon- Goki- The Reiki Precepts to improve the mind and body.

. Gassho meditation- To calm and focus the mind.

. Connect to the Three Diamonds- To balance the energy on the three tandems.

. Grounding my energy and anchoring into the earth.

What to expect from a daily Reiki Practice.

You may find days where you are met with resistance and thoughts of not wanting to practice and making a list of excuses why you can’t that day. This is common, so be compassionate to that part of the self and perhaps enquire ‘who is it that does not wish to practice?’ in many cases it can be at this point where we begin to feel the real benefits if we persevere. The simple act of making the effort and showing up despite how we may be being pulled in the opposite direction is a stepping stone to self-healing.

You may also experience the opposite where feelings of overwhelming joy or peace flow through you, or perhaps a sudden sense of knowing or wisdom enters your thoughts and you see life through a very different lense. at times the business of your mind just quietens and you are no longer distracted or anxious about things that you previously worried about.

You may find that relationships with others soften, you are no longer so reactive to other people’s behaviours or opinions, you may become a really good listener and not so caught up in what you want to say.

There can also be periods where nothing feels like its changing at all, like you have hit a Spiritual wall. This is usually when the most growth is to be found. Don’t lose heart, keep with the practice. It can be very helpful to keep a meditation journal  and write down a few things each day about anything that you feel you wish to say, what you felt, an emotion, a thought, a memory, anything that feels right to make note of. You can look back and reflect upon your progress, you may note any themes that keep arising, any wisdom or teachings.

Be compassionate to yourself, you are just where you need to be right now.

With Love and Many Blessings




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