Japanese System of Reiki and Symbols and Mantra

The system of Reiki is a system of spiritual practice & teachings, its founder Mikao Usui was long immersed in traditional Japanese spiritual practices and used many symbols & mantras as tools within his own teachings. These tools allow us to rediscover our inner truth.

When the mind is present it is no longer distracted by thoughts of the past or future. The symbols become a tool used to focus our minds, to be mindful of this single moment in time, keeping our energy focused on the now. Our thoughts create energy and this is directed towards the thought, wherever that may be. If we think of worries about the past or future, we send our energy in that direction, we cannot focus on our task at hand, we are distracted. The precepts guide us through daily instruction and practice, they tell of anger as an illusion, fear as distraction, illuminating the importance of now. The symbols, mantras and precepts are all tools allowing us to find ourselves in this moment.

Do the symbols hold their own power? We can see their true power comes from their use, used correctly they bring absolute focus; the mind is the agent of power being expressed through the symbol. When we study & learn the true essence of the symbol our mind will be able to unlock its own inner power & focus, as the essence of each symbol differs, so too does the energy created by this focus. The symbols are not revealed in Shoden Level I Reiki as we have to first build a diligent daily practice, laying the foundations that allow us to use the symbols in their full. When we are taught the symbols in Okuden Level II we are prepared through regular daily practice, for the ‘Inner’ or ‘Hidden’ teachings revealed. We are ready to discover our own hidden inner truth, our inner light, and our true self.

The practice of Reiki is not to change who we are, but to rediscover our true self, that which has been hidden within us. We reveal our inner light; all the while knowing it has always been there! But to do this we must work with each symbol and mantra, slowly peeling away our layers, like and onion, bit by bit. In the same way peeling an onion may reduce us to tears, so perhaps through deep inner work are we moved to emotion, the need to cry as the layers of fear, worry and anger are gradually stripped away. But through this we reveal our inner core, our essence of light, love and compassion.

These symbols and mantras are tools used to focus the mind through meditations and are meant to draw us inwards, towards our true and radiant self. We need only study Symbol I and see its spirals circle ever inwards to understand this.

To hold the symbol within our mind is a powerful way to become mindful of now, not allowing other thoughts to creep in. If we use these tools only within the practice of hands-on healing, we externalize them and may miss the deeper meaning. Perhaps we use the symbols drawn on our hands during a treatment but allow our minds to become distracted. The true nature and power of the symbols is evident when we internalize them, through meditation, drawing their power within, becoming their energy and therefore able to share it with all we come into contact with.

We now know that people learn in different ways, some visual, some auditory and some kinesthetic. The mantras and symbols are different aids leading us to the same point, remembering our true selves. The mantras for the first two symbols are not the same as their name, but are separate from them. The true power of practice results from daily meditation upon the symbol whilst reciting the mantra, becoming the energy of the symbol. To meditate upon them in an irregular fashion will not bring us to our great bright light.

When we embody the symbols and mantras we begin to live through the precepts and align to our true way of being. This results from letting go of anger and worry, becoming grateful and finding compassion for ourselves and others.

When we reach this state of being we no longer hold energy blocks within our body, our layers of resistance have been peeled away and our energy flows strongly and freely throughout our being. When we share this space with others our energy flows cleanly and our hands on healing reaches greater levels of purity and depth. Through practice we become Reiki, approaching healing from a place of compassion and a knowledge of our true self.


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