Inner Magic of Symbols

When we first learn of the Reiki symbols it is easy to become overly engrossed with their many interpretations, with their perceived magical nature and the thought that they in and of themselves hold the energy necessary to boost the power of Reiki. This is somewhat of an illusion; we give our own power away to an external source, imagining it to have its own energy.

There are many stories of people carrying external items used as symbols of luck or power. One such story surrounds Michael Jordan the legendary basketball player. He found fame as a college player at the University of North Carolina and then continued his spectacular success playing for the Chicago Bulls. Throughout this time he admitted to always playing with the same pair of old college shorts beneath his Chicago Bulls kit. Jordan believed they gave him a winning edge and would not play without them. But for Jordan the real magic of his game came from constant training, hours of commitment and diligent practice. The shorts alone could not bring success to anyone else, but for Jordan they brought focus, intent and mindset. He knew when he had those shorts on he was able to play at his peak and with that focus he entered a winning mindset, no longer distracted by worry, fear or anger. It is clear that he did not need the shorts, the magic lived inside him, they were his external symbol, a tool of power and success.

In reality the essence of the Reiki symbols is simple. The symbols do hold their own magic, but it lies in their ability to focus our minds in a way that allows us to access a specific inner quality, bringing it to life. Each symbol resonates with a quality that may be buried deeply within us, awakening it and helping us to fully embody it. We can learn from stories such as Jordan’s that sometimes we will use an external object to reveal the magic that resides within. But as we delve deeper there is a gradual realisation that the true magic appears when we understand the ‘Inner’ or ‘Hidden’ teachings and draw their power inside. These are not symbols of power, they are tools to be used and understood.


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