Deeper Meaning of Reiki

We may first go to a Reiki class and come away with a sense of Reiki and hands on healing, but could have missed the deeper point. Perhaps we have taken away only a superficial understanding of the system of Reiki. We leave without a full knowing that our class is but the beginning not the end, as we begin our journey towards a direct experience of our true self, our inner light. We learn that hands on healing is not the only tool available to us within the system Reiki, and to travel deeper is to find our inner truth.

As we travel further through our journey to understanding, we begin to see that the direct experience of Reiki gained through practice becomes our life. We no longer separate our life from practice and practice from life but fully integrate the two, living the precepts in every moment. Our Reiki path takes us toward our ultimate goal, but what is it? What is our intent? What are we searching for?

If we set out to sail the ocean with a clear and detailed map, but with no clear final destination in mind, we will drift aimlessly never arriving. It is so with Reiki, if we enter a class with no clear intent, if we do not consider our inner desire to rediscover our true self, to find inner happiness, then equally we are unlikely to arrive at this point and may begin to drift from our true purpose.

Our class is just the starting point, we will begin to experience the true power of Reiki, but only through commitment and diligence will we integrate it into our life. Only through meditation upon the precepts, the symbols and mantras, daily practice of meditations such as Joshin Kokyu Ho and hands on healing of self or others will we reach a deeper understanding of Reiki. As we deepen this understanding we find these practices become more and more integrated within our daily lives. Allowing us to live as Reiki, to Be Reiki and not Do Reiki.

As our knowing grows we are able to see that Reiki is love and compassion, the more we can give of ourselves, the more there is to give and the greater our capacity for compassion becomes. The less we are attached to outcomes, the greater our trust and love, the deeper our practice of the system of Reiki grows. We journey towards oneness, we are no longer separate from the universe, and its heart begins to beat through us.

What stops us now from sinking into true oneness with the universe, allowing ourselves to be fully present with our clients or students? It is the intrusion of anger, worry, fear and attachment. Only through practice can we release these distractions, by integrating the precepts into our daily life we can learn to release these illusions, to become love and compassion. Through diligence and practice we can reach this state and our life will be infused with love and compassion.


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