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Our Reiki courses teach you the complete Japanese System of Reiki as a path to health, happiness and awakening, benefiting yourself and others.


Our workshops are for anyone wishing to continue their path of self discovery and healing by delving deeper into the Japanese System of Reiki.


Our Retreats provide a space for you to spend time in a higher state of consciousness that opens your awareness into new realms of possibility. 

Welcome to Enso Academy

We are a transformative spiritual education academy. We provide training in both personal and spiritual development. Teaching deep spiritual practices in a modern and simplistic way. We can guide and support you to a deeper discovery of your inner truth or true nature. Through our teachings you’ll begin or continue a journey that will lead you to your fullest human potential, enabling you to create a life full of joy, love, abundance and happiness.

What we Have to Offer

Take a big step into cultivating a life filled with more peace, joy and happiness. Begin to feel self love and love for others.
Our courses and workshops are suitable for anyone, from beginner to experienced.

Japanese reiki courses

We provide Reiki courses that are rooted in the traditional Japanese system of Reiki.

The system of Reiki is a systematic approach to truly waking up to your inner spirit. Through a process of awakening the body, mind, emotions and then ultimately your Divine essence, enabling you to truly be you.

Today, the word “Reiki” is immediately associated with a hands on healing modality.  However, the hands on healing aspect of Reiki is only one facet of a complete system.

Reiki is a transformational system to bring mind and body to their highest potential. Allowing anyone who studies the system of Reiki to live a life of wellness and happiness.  When in this ultimate state, you can create a life within your own highest vision.


Reiki Level One


The Japanese meaning for Shoden is beginner or foundational teachings. Wellbeing is the primary focus.
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Reiki Level Two


The Japanese meaning for Okuden is hidden teachings. It is at this level that you really begin to delve deeper into the aspects of awakening mind, body and heart.
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Reiki Level Three


Shinpiden is Japanese word, translated to mean mystery teachings. You learn to live in the mystery of life as spirit being human.
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I have just completed the Okuden course and like the Shoden it is difficult to describe the positive impact that they have had on me. Both courses were truly amazing. The mix of practitioners like myself were a vital and supportive element to the training and Simon was able to bring us all together as a powerful unit, just amazing. Simon has a genuineness and compassion that makes the course so amazing; it is together with his knowledge and experience that Reiki teachings have been opened up to me. Amazing. I don’t know whether I have said enough ‘amazing,s’? I have also attended one of the many monthly meets for practitioners and such was equally amazing, not knowing anybody does not matter because the environment is made safe by the kindness and generosity of practitioners and Simon and is emmensly helpful to support practice
Jacki Higgs
Okuden Training
Your introduction to Reiki left me initially intrigued but after experiencing a one to one treatment with you I wanted to explore further. The Reiki Level 1 was lovely and relaxing. The way you facilitated the course made us feel able, confident, relaxed and comfortable in learning the process and a wish to continue practicing.
Always friendly and approachable, never be concerned about joining Heidi for an adventure into practicing Reiki , she has changed my life. She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, who is able to to put you at ease whatever level.
Reiki Teachings
Simon is the embodiment of truth and even to be in his presence has a calming and grounding effect like “coming home”. The teachings he shares are simple yet deeply profound and life-enhancing. He offers navigational tools to guide you into your own inner space on a journey of self-exploration. In truth he “tells” you nothing but merely nurtures your own remembering of Self. This is the mark of a great teacher indeed
Joanna Lee
Reiki Teachings
Thank you so much Heidi for a wonderful weekend. The sessions were well paced with plenty of time for discussion and reflection. Lots of time to answer questions and queries and plenty of time for practical work. You are extremely knowledgeable and very supportive in your teaching. I honestly cannot think of anyway I would improve the weekend. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us.
Wow. One of the best courses I have ever attended. I have known Simon for a few years now, even since I went to study Shoden with him. That led me to study Okuden and other Reiki courses like “The Inner Creator”. Let me say that was the best decision I have ever made. All that has let me to study Shinpiden, and that was the icing on the cake. He really is one of the best teachers out there, because he teaches from experience and from a place of love and honesty, no judgement. I can wholehearted say that if you want to study any of the courses he offers go for it. He really is very, very good in what he does.
Anja Roberts
Amazing weekend on the Reiki course. Navitas is so welcoming and Simon a very special teacher. I left so uplifted and inspired. He makes time to answer any student questions and his help and encouragement throughout the weekend really makes a difference. Anyone who may be thinking of taking this course I would wholeheartedly encourage to book. Thank you Simon I look forward to continuing my journey using the skills acquired on this special weekend.
Heidi created a very good workshop. A lot of information and experience in two days, but the pacing was such that it never felt overwhelming. There was space for questions and discussions. the whole weekend felt comfortable and safe.
I honestly can't praise Heidi enough, I felt so privileged to have had that time with her and I felt like I learnt so much from her, the delivery of the teachings and it has been a huge shift for me in my personal journey and development. We discussed so much and we had many shared interests and beliefs - it was just so special to have that time with her to start learning the traditional Japanese teachings and applying those to my life already and integrating it into my own practice (a lot of which over lap). She held the space beautifully and challenged me to consider the detail of the practice whilst honouring my experience. Honestly it's been a lot to process but transformative.

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